Microsoft Offices

This morning I am at the Microsoft offices in Chavey Chase MD….wow!!!! We are all here for a workshop by the National Staff Development Council. I think they put the pro in professional development!!!

The teachers that surround me today are among the most innovative teachers in their state.  I mean, the stuff that they come up with is frankly, out of this world.  The best part of this morning session is that I sat there with these amazing teachers and listen to workshop ideas that are just going to make them even better.

The morning began by lessons on how to define and re-develop the purpose of teacher Professional Development.  Our speaker was Dr. Stephanie Hirsh who is also top dog at NSDC.  Her work in defining Professional Development for the American teacher is so legit that the coming months, congress means to vote her PD standards into law….yeah and I got to learn from her today.

We also were treated by Professional Development Guru Les Folton.  Les took us on an interesting ride by modeling this PD philosophy to help us learn to be better collaborators.  The goal here is to encourage teachers to become the implementors of Professional Development in their schools.

Microsoft Offices in MD

Getting ready for the first cool workshop and smiling with new friends

Getting ready for the first inspiring workshop

Learning to collaborate

The theme of NSDC's Workshop today

Getting tons of inspiration to take to our classes in the fall



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