Field trips are always a blast!   Today we went to the Smithsonian Museums to talk to some of their program directors and curators about the innovative ways the museum is integrating educational technology.

During the bus ride, I had a chance to speak to many teachers about their experiences and projects.

This was my first time at the Smithsonian Institute and I was floored!!!

The museum program directors showed us how they are using smart phones to create very cool scavenger hunts.  I have always hated scavenger hunts but now, using technology, there are way cooler ways to set a hunt so that it is informative and interactive

We got a series of texts and phone calls on our smart phones.  Each text asked questions that when answered correctly, sent you running to the next clue.  Well, maybe I did not run but I definitely speed walked

The clues were also hidden in the museum computers…

This is a neon map of the US in the Lincoln Museum.  Each state has little tv screens that play clips of something associated with that state.  In this clue, I was suppose to guess what was playing in the state of Kansas….hahaaaaa it was The Wizard of OZ!!!!

A true foodie like myself, always takes pictures of good food.  Today we had a gourmet sandwich bar for lunch!!!


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